Sleeper’s Guide for Choosing The Best Pillow for Better Sleep

8th August , 2021

Knowing how to choose the right sleeping accessories can significantly enhance the quality of sleep by correcting sleep posture and facilitating neck comfort. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the right pillow.

Size and Loft

The pillow should be of the right size and loft (height once set up) to add comfort and quality when sleeping. Just like selecting the best mattress with the right firmness and comfort, investing some time into selecting the pillow is also essential. For most people, a standard-sized pillow should be enough, but if one prefers a larger size, the requirements and posture of the body should be considered. Ideally, the head, neck, and spine should be aligned in a neutral manner. Some pillows come in special shapes to aid further support and stability of the neck. Cervical and contour pillows, for instance, offer enhanced relief for pressure points along the body.


There are different filling materials available for pillows. Down pillows are filled with feathers and other fabrics to give off maximum softness and comfort. It should be noted that some people may be allergic to the materials used in down pillows. Synthetic down pillows are usually less expensive than natural downs but may require more frequent refillings. 

Cotton pillows that tend to be soft and firm are a smart choice for those allergic to other materials. They are also resistant to mites and mold. Latex pillows are firm and comfortable, and they tend to hold their shapes once pressed into. Memory foam pillows, which are presently popular, adjust themselves to suit the unique shape of the body. High-quality memory foam pillows also allow for better air circulation, but can still heat retaining. Going to a nearby store and experiencing the pillow before buying would be a good idea.  

Sleeping Position

Although there are no hard and fast rules about the right pillows for different sleeping positions, it would be a good idea to figure out if one favours a specific sleeping position and buy a pillow that fits well. Usually, side sleepers require a firm pillow not to let the head sink too much. Stomach sleepers may find softer pillows suitable. Back sleepers may need a flat pillow to align the head and spine. 


Mattresses also tend to affect the way the body interacts with the pillow. It is usually found that a firm pillow is appropriate for a soft mattress and a soft pillow goes well with a firm one. The key is to ensure that the overall alignment of the body is kept comfortable and aligned to prevent chronic pains and disruptions during sleep. For those who require orthopedic mattresses, there are specialised orthopedic pillows available.

The right accessories that go well with the mattress are crucial to ensure that the quality of sleep is maximized and maintained. Having the proper set of pillows of the right height and firmness to suit the mattress can do wonders for the quality and consistency of the sleep cycle. 

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