The Definitive Guide To Mattress Accessories

28th January , 2022

For the best sleep, purchasing a mattress alone is not enough. Even if you already have a comfortable one, the right accessories can enhance your sleep quality to help you wake up fresh and relaxed. You can buy several types of accessories, each offering unique benefits. However, to help ensure you can find the perfect ones for your needs, we’ve put together this guide. 


Mattress protector

A good mattress can have a steep price tag. While they usually have warranty periods, these may not cover daily wear and tear. So you must protect your investment by purchasing a mattress protector. They are a fabric cover that is fitted around your mattress and will shield it from stains, tears, dirt and even bacteria and viruses. You can easily take off the protector when you want to clean it, but follow manufacturer instructions to avoid damaging the fabric. 



These are crucial components in the quality of your sleep. Good pillows support your head, neck and spine, easing pressure and ensuring that you do not develop neck pains. There are various types of pillows available, from memory foam to down pillows, and each of them offers distinct benefits. Memory foams provide great support to your neck as it accommodates your head and neck contours. Down pillows are super soft, while gel pillows are cooling. Make sure that you buy the right pillow for your needs. If you already own some, we recommend changing them every two years as they can lose their shape and be unhygienic.  



They are a layer of fabric that is fitted atop your protector. As they have padding, they can provide an extra layer of cushioning to any mattress, helping you sleep more comfortably. You can use them on top of any mattress, so if yours lacks height and is not as soft as you want it to be, a topper will be a great choice. Our one features a layer of memo form that adapts to your body shape for maximum sleeping comfort.


Bed sheets

The most essential of all accessories are bed sheets. They not only protect the mattress, they also ensure that you are able to sleep comfortably. There are various types of sheets available. Microfiber is a popular choice, as is linen and cotton. They are available in multiple textures, from velvety soft to silky smooth. Depending on the climate, you can get them in varying thicknesses so you can regulate your body temperature better. Finding the best sheet is instrumental in helping you get the rest you need. For the ultimate combination of luxury and comfort, consider Satin Fitted bed sheets. The sheets combine satin’s features such as softness and shine with that of cotton, giving you a resilient fabric that is durable and highly comfortable to sleep on.

The above are just a handful of the many accessories available for your mattress. To ensure that you equip your bed with the right ones, make sure to do your research and test the products out. If you want to know about our products including our best mattress in Dubai, visit our webpage for more information.

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