The Ultimate Guide: How To Choose The Right Mattress

15th May , 2021

A good night’s sleep is something that all experts agree people should have. It is essential for many reasons. It helps one relax, refreshes their mind, allows their bodies to rejuvenate, and reduces stress and anxiety. However, many find themselves unable to slip into slumber comfortably due to their bedding. If this continues for a long time, one could put their mental and physical health at risk; therefore, we will explore how to choose the best mattress in this blog.

What are the types of mattresses available?

A common mistake many make is that they purchase bedding blind without knowing much about it. There are many different types of mattresses, and to find the best one for them, one needs to know what they are.


It has no coils inside and uses dense foam that contours according to an individual’s body and posture. It provides pressure relief and restricts movement transfer. However, it does retain heat due to poor ventilation. Memory foam is the most well-known material used for this mattress.


The mattress base is made of spring or foam, and the top layer is foam with gel beads included within it. The benefits are similar to the type above, with the addition of better air circulation. 


It has a support system made of coils and other layers. Therefore, the mattress is bouncy and tends to transfer movement. While it offers some support, it lacks pressure relief. It is the most affordable option on the list and thus is commonly found in most homes. 

Pillow tops

In this mattress, the base layer is made of spring which provides adequate support. However, an additional layer of padding on top is made from memory foam, cotton, or latex sewed on top. This makes the mattress plush and comfortable, with ample pressure relief, though they do have some movement transfer. It needs to be replaced after a few years, as the top layer can become flat.  


It has a built-in air chamber that provides support and comfort to those intending to sleep. The air is controlled by a pump and can be adjusted to provide either a firm or soft texture. Depending on the settings, one could have pressure relief; however, movement transfer could be an issue depending on the model. 


The mattress is entirely made of latex rubber and has a high amount of bounce and durability. It can contour according to a person’s body and posture; however, it may not have adequate air circulation, making it retain heat. It is a popular choice for those who seek eco-friendly options.

What is the favored sleeping position?

Buying a mattress solely based on the material can be unwise as one’s sleeping position can be affected. Some types suit specific postures better than others.

Sleeping on the back

Those who sleep in this position put an immense amount of pressure on their lower back. Soft mattresses could apply more strain on this part as the torso would sink deeper than the rest of the body.

If the material is too firm, it will not accommodate the curve of the back. Therefore, the best choice is a moderate to completely firm one with little to medium contouring, such as air beds, latex, or innerspring mattresses.

Sleeping on the side

Those who favor this posture tend to put more strain on their shoulders and hips. Mattresses that contour can keep the spine aligned and reduce pressure on the wide parts of the body. Therefore, a person should choose a medium-soft to a soft mattress, such as pillow tops, gel, or foam. 

Sleeping on the stomach

Those who sleep on their stomach put immense pressure on their spine. A type that contours a lot can cause them to feel suffocated, and if it is too firm, it can cause pain across their torso. In this case, it is best to choose a moderately soft or firm mattress with little contouring, such as latex or innerspring.

The above guide will help one pick the best bed mattress to enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. 

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