Understanding the Impact Of Jetlag On Your Sleep Pattern

7th January , 2022

As border restrictions continue to ease, we have the freedom to make travel plans to places around the world. Although traveling to different cities and countries can be exciting, we will undoubtedly encounter an old enemy: jet lag. While its impact is far-reaching, one thing it can severely affect is your sleeping pattern. Understanding the way it affects the way you sleep and how a good mattress and sleeping habits can help will allow you to evade it successfully. 


What exactly is jet lag?

Before we continue, we need to know what jet lag is. It is a sleep-wake disorder that happens when your biological clock, known as the circadian rhythm, does not correspond with the day and night cycle of the place you are at. Typically, your circadian rhythm lines up with daylight to be more alert during the day and feel sleepy at night. This synchronization is essential for your physical and mental health and your quality of sleep. When you move to another geographic location that has a different timezone, your circadian rhythm can become unaligned as sunrise and sunset will now occur at a different time than you are used to. While its effect will be negligible if the time difference is small, you will feel its impact more severely if you travel across three or more timezones.


How does it affect your sleep?

Jet lag can have various effects on your body, from gastrointestinal problems like nausea, reduced appetite or even constipation to mood swings. However, most of the symptoms result from its impact on your sleep. 

Due to the difference between your biological clock and the daylight timings of your geographical location, you will have difficulty sleeping according to your usual pattern. You might find it challenging to sleep when you want to or could wake up earlier than you intend to. You may also suffer from disturbed sleep, wherein you frequently wake up through the night. You may also have difficulty getting comfortable even with a good mattress. You could also feel tired and drowsy during the day, which can disrupt your travel plans. 

As a result of your disturbed sleeping patterns, you will suffer from further symptoms. These include:

  • Impaired thinking: You may have difficulty paying attention and remembering things. You might also feel like you are thinking more slowly than usual. 
  • Emotional issues: You will feel irritable and more likely to suffer mood swings. Those with mood disorders are likely to see an increase in their symptoms. 
  • Reduced physical function: Fatigue caused by a lack of sleep can affect your physical performance. 
  • Feelings of discomfort: Even if you are not ill, the lack of sleep can make your uneasy and feel unwell. 
  • Sleep paralysis: Depending on the severity of the sleeping problems, you could have sleep paralysis. 


How to avoid jet lag?

The best way to avoid jet lag is by staying awake and following the sleep schedule of where you are. Even if you feel tired, you need to stay awake and sleep only when it is nighttime in your present location. You also need to be certain that you can have a comfortable sleep by having a good mattress and pillow. If you have difficulty falling asleep, consider listening to white noise or engaging in some relaxation techniques. 

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