When to Opt For A King-Size Bed And When To Go For A Queen-Size?

7th February , 2022

Buying a bed can be a big investment because it is not an everyday item. For your overall health, it is wise to choose a bed that will ensure you and your family a good night’s sleep. One factor to consider when looking to buy a new mattress is the size. Knowing whether to opt for a king-size or a queen-size can be difficult, so we are here to help make the choice for you. 

Why you should consider a king-size bed 

An obvious factor when considering buying a bed is how much space you have. You may want to consider measuring your space before buying to determine if a king-size will be able to fit in your space, with all the current furnishings. Size can also be a factor when transporting the mattress. If you live in an apartment with a walk-up that is particularly steep, you may have to consider if the new mattress will fit when bringing it into the space. 

Another question you should be asking yourself when considering a king-size mattress is if there is going to be another individual sharing the bed with you? A king-size is intended for families. There is a substantial amount of space, meaning that both individuals can rest easy with less of a chance of interfering with each other’s sleep patterns. It may also be a good choice if you have children that like to sneak into your bed some nights or animals that prefer to not sleep alone. Having that extra wiggle room for your loved ones is a big motivator for choosing the wider mattress, a king-size. 

Why you should consider a queen-size bed 

Queen-size beds can be a better choice for those who have more of a moderate budget for their bedding. Splurging for a better quality mattress that aids with lumbar support and memory foam is a good decision to help you get the best sleep possible. Opting for quality naturally comes with a slightly higher price tag. Choosing a high-quality queen size instead of a low-quality king-size is a better option if you are in need of a bigger bed that will be worth the investment. 

A consideration for taller individuals is the amount of bed space that they have. A queen-size is longer than a double bed, making it a great option for those who find it uncomfortable to sleep on a bed that is too small for them. There is no length difference between a king-size and a queen-size, so consider a queen-size if you are looking for a bigger bed but at a more reasonable price and may fit into your room better. 

Another reason to opt for a queen-size is that it is a very popular purchase. This means that there is a large range and amount of bed accessories and linen that fit a queen-size. Ultimately, shopping for this size is much easier and the sheets tend to be slightly cheaper than those used to dress a king-size. Whether you are interested in a king-size or a queen-size, consider going down to a mattress store in Dubai and asking to test both options. This will give you a better idea of which size will be best suited to you and your family.

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