Why Is It Important For Teenagers To Equally Balance Their Time Between Sleep And School Work?

6th April , 2021

A teenager’s life is often filled with anxiety and the need to fit in with other classmates at school. Pre-teen and teenage life revolves around the work they have in class and assigned to them at home. It is a fact that the lessons taught in school, when revised at home combined with homework, make the fundamental ideas have better retention in the child’s brain. In the long term, this will help the students achieve academic excellence and advance to better colleges, thus securing a more successful life.

One point that every parent must consider is that a student, especially in their teenage life, requires an adequate amount of sleep to perform at school and be active throughout the day. Therefore, they must get the right amount of sleep at night on a good quality mattress to be ready for their school work and get better grades in the process. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why maintaining a good sleep schedule is important for school-life balance:

Eliminate Stress

A school-going teenager will have to deal with class tests and examinations, not to mention a vast amount of homework assigned to them. They will also have to deal with changes in their bodies and an influx of hormones, making them prone to high-stress levels. In most cases, the pressure that a student faces due to academics is always higher than that associated with bullying and peer pressure.

Most parents and well-wishers of the teenagers speak out actively against bullying and other issues that affect their lives, but the stress a teen goes through to achieve top grades is always overlooked. A student in their teenage years has to deal with at least two to three hours of homework every night on top of their class revisions, and this can lead to a build-up of stress which is detrimental to their mental and physical health.

Ace Exams By Sleeping More

Students who manage to get at least eight hours of sleep a day after completing their homework and revisions always get higher grades. This is because the human brain works at its peak performance when it is well-rested. Instead of waiting until the last minute to study for tests and exams, if a teenage student manages their studies well, they will achieve better results.

Many teens believe that sleeping less and devoting more time in front of their notebooks will help them get good grades. Some students also take this a step further and attempt to pull an all-nighter the day before the exam. If the body does not get enough rest and time to recuperate, it will begin to shut down its organs partially, and the brain will not be able to retain information. If a teenager wants to ace an examination, they must get a full night’s rest on the most comfortable mattress.

Manage Sleep & Studies

Some schools and universities have decided not to overburden their students with homework and only assign what the teens can manage. The teachers help the teenagers by explaining to them why it is vital to get enough rest and manage their schoolwork, and at the same time sleep at least 7-8 hours every day. One way in which a parent can make sure that their child gets enough sleep is by making the bedroom sleep-friendly. This can be achieved by installing blackout curtains or blinds and keeping the temperature in the room pleasant.

The television, gaming systems, and handheld devices must not be used two hours before sleep. After the studies are completed and the teenager gets ready to go to bed, they must not perform heavy exercises. Another point to be wary of is that the mattress they sleep on should not be old or worn out. It is always good to purchase a foam mattress that will help the teen sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Stick To A Schedule

Most of the time, students in their teen years are unaware of prioritizing, resulting in various issues. The teenager must learn how to make sure that the difficult lessons are allotted more time to study at home. The best action plan is to create a schedule that outlines how much school work needs to be completed in a week and chart it out. Once they have a well-planned daily schedule, it is possible to give them enough time to sleep.

Creating such a to-do list makes even the tough subjects easy to handle as they are broken down into manageable chunks. Another point that needs to be considered is that the sleep schedule must be carried forward into the weekends. Teenagers have the habit of sleeping late on the weekends, which is not the right way to manage sleep. If a teen sleeps and wakes up simultaneously throughout the week and on the weekends, their sleep pattern gets regularized.

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