Why Monitoring Your Sleeping Patterns Can Help You

28th February , 2022

You may be wondering why monitoring your sleeping patterns has become the next big thing. From the introduction of Fitbit’s to Apple watches, and apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play, it is now easier than ever to monitor your sleeping patterns and habits. 

Tracking your sleeping habits empowers you in the way that you will be better able to customise and optimise your sleeping behaviour. Previously, you may have had to go to a sleep clinic to monitor this but nowadays there are accessible options that can be purchased and downloaded online. There are different options available from bedside devices, to wearables. 

How do sleep trackers work?

Accelerometers are used by sleep trackers to measure the quality and quantity of your sleep. An accelerometer is a motion detector that determines your movements in the night or if you were sleeping, talking or walking. Wearables are also able to measure your heart and breathing rate, to determine what kind of sleep you get, for example, REM sleep, and for how long. The 4 stages of sleep are:

  1. Light sleep
  2. Onset of sleep
  3. Deep sleep or slow-wave sleep
  4. REM sleep

These stages repeat themselves throughout the night every 90-110 minutes. As the sleep progresses and you sleep for longer periods, the length of the REM stage increases. Your body achieves the most restoration in the 3rd and 4th stages of sleep. To encourage higher levels of deep sleep you may want to consider changing your sleep environment, such as the type of mattress or the bedsheets, or creating a more regular sleeping schedule. 

How can this help you?

Adults should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and children even longer. If by monitoring your sleep, you realise you are not sleeping enough or having enough deep sleep, you may want to consider making some changes to your lifestyle. 

Sleeping well is essential for every individual. Sleep helps with brain functioning, helping to improve your memory and allowing for deeper processing of the day’s information. For improved wellness, a good night’s sleep helps the nervous system regenerate, and your muscles and skin become stronger. Part of sleeping well is having the best mattress in Dubai that is suited to your needs and required comfort level. Visiting a mattress store will allow you to try out a few different types of sleeping options and browse for your ideal sleeping configuration.

Using the data from sleep trackers can be used to start a conversation with mattress professionals or healthcare professionals so that you can find a solution to any issues you may be having, with your sleeping schedule. Tracking devices are a great way to start looking after your health and understanding your body. However, the person that knows best about what works for you, is yourself. Do not be fully reliant on sleep trackers as you need to be able to understand what may be causing a lack of sleep or deep sleep. Sometimes emotional issues, insomnia, or bad lifestyle choices are the root of the issue. 

Part of your healthcare journey begins by being mindful of your sleeping behaviour. Tracking your patterns help you analyse what you can improve on to get the best night’s sleep. Consider changing your surroundings, such as your bed or bed linen, and talking to professionals that can guide you in achieving quality rest. 



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