Why a Firm Mattress Is Better For Pregnancy

14th September , 2022

Getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy can be difficult. Due to hormonal changes, they frequently wake up. As ligaments stretch to make room for a growing baby, physical changes result in pains and aches all over the body.

It is more difficult to fall asleep peacefully when there are emotional changes and new anxieties. It is not surprising that a survey revealed that 78% of pregnant women reported having trouble falling asleep.

Having trouble getting comfortable, a changing body temperature, and pregnancy insomnia are just a few of the problems that can prevent a pregnant woman from getting a good night’s rest. The likelihood of a restful sleep during pregnancy and many more nights of sound sleep in the future can be increased by using the best mattress in Dubai and sleeping position for pregnancy.

Upgrade Your Mattress

You should upgrade your mattress if you’re ready to do so in order to ensure that you get as much restful sleep as you can while you’re pregnant. But if your current mattress is giving you enough comfort and support, that should be enough. Mattress toppers are an excellent short-term solution for women who have perfectly good mattresses but need extra support or comfort during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be very stressful on the shoulder and hip joints because we frequently sleep on our sides. A weight-receptive surface, such as memory foam, will provide you with support where you need it and cushioning everywhere else while you sleep.

Sleeping on your back may increase the risk of stillbirth in the late stages of pregnancy, according to a study. The study’s recommendation for pregnant women is to sleep on their sides.

This means that when choosing a mattress, you should look for one that is made specifically for side sleepers and is intended to maintain spinal alignment.

A model that is too soft might not offer enough support for the lower back and shoulders. A too-firm one might not comfortably mold to the body.

What Type of Mattress is Best During Pregnancy

Memory foam mattresses are great for pregnancy and will still be comfortable after the baby is born if you’ve decided it’s time to replace your mattress. This is due to memory foam’s excellent ability to distribute weight evenly. implying that the pressure on any one area of the body, including joints, won’t be excessive.

The majority of pregnant women wake up three to five times throughout the night to use the restroom. Choosing an ultra-soft memory foam bed may make getting up challenging. A medium-firm mattress would be a better choice because it has enough firmness to prevent you from feeling like you sink into the bed, but still has enough soft comfort layers to relieve pressure from your hips and lower back.

A single mattress is adequate for one person, and while a double mattress can sleep two people, a larger king-size mattress will give you the extra room you need to ensure that you and your partner have a comfortable night’s sleep throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Many people prefer foam latex or memory foam mattresses because, in contrast to coil mattresses, they are better at dispersing weight and reducing motion transfer, so you don’t feel your partner shifting in bed as much, if at all. Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned about experiencing physical resistance from your body to rolling in the direction of your partner. One of the many ways memory foam or latex mattresses offer a more restful night’s sleep is superior weight distribution.

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